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Investment Caution List

In a global information economy, investment solicitations can come from anywhere in the world. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) takes a proactive approach to help protect BC investors by publishing an Investment Caution List. This list provides investors with the names of:

  • Unregistered foreign brokerage firms that have solicited BC investors to open trading accounts
  • Businesses from other jurisdictions that have solicited BC residents to buy unqualified investments
  • Businesses connected, or purporting to be connected, to BC that have solicited investors in other jurisdictions to purchase unqualified investments

The Investment Caution List does not identify all unregistered activity or unqualified securities being promoted in the province. In compiling the Investment Caution List, the BCSC relies on information it receives from the public or other agencies. Before adding any name to the list, the BCSC assesses the information and confirms that the business or individual is engaging in this type of activity.

Investors can learn more about the Investment Caution List on bcsc.bc.ca or report suspicious investments to the BCSC.

View the Investment Caution List

Recent Investment Caution List Articles

This list shows Investment Caution List articles from the last 12 months and companies included in each article.

March 29, 2018 – Investment Caution List: Six New Additions

  • Lionstradefx.com
  • BitPlay Ltd.
  • Aidan Trading
  • Cryp Trade Capital Holdings SL
  • BitcoinBank
  • Lamp Education Ltd.

December 21, 2017 – Investment Caution List: Five New Additions

  • B.I.S. Blueport Investment Services Ltd.
  • 332option
  • Atlantic Global Asset Management
  • uTrader
  • Day Dream Investments Ltd.
  • Asia & Pacific Holdings Ltd.
  • USI-TECH Limited

August 1, 2017 – Investment Caution List: Binary Options, Forex, and More

  • TR Binary Options
  • Boss Capital
  • CFD Capital Markets
  • Omega Mutual Group
  • Sea Faith Bullion Limited and Sea Faith International Industrial Limited

May 15, 2017 – Investment Caution List: Seven Binary Options Trading Entities Added

  • RBinary Limited
  • GTOptions, owned and operated by MJ Vents Ltd.
  • Binary Tilt, operated by Chemmi Holdings Ltd.
  • Icon Markets Limited, doing business as Hedgestone Group, operated by Nevski Ps. Ltd.
  • B4Option
  • TorOption, owned and operated by Smart Choice Zone LP
  • BinaryBrokerz, owned by DSMG Ltd.

March 24, 2017 – BCSC Investment Caution List: Five New Additions

  • Suisse Option
  • Redwood Options
  • Cap Growth FX
  • Trade12
  • Bristol Financial Offshore